Rules & Responsibilities

The link to the rental agreement may be found at the bottom of this page.

Please read the rules and responsibilities.

  • Alcohol Policy:
    You are welcome to have alcohol at your event. However, you must purchase a permit and have it posted during your entire event. Buy online @ Additionally, you are required to hire a licensed bartender.
  • Per RCW 70.160.075 there is no smoking allowed within 25 feet of the building.
  • Renter is responsible for any charges incurred from triggering a false alarm by accidentally or maliciously activating any of the pull stations which dispatches security & the fire department.
  • No staples, tape or tacks may be used. There are existing hooks around the stage and ballroom ceiling you are welcome to use.
  • Do not move the piano or mirrors.
  • All candles must be enclosed or have a tray underneath them.
  • No rice, confetti, birdseed or glitter is permitted inside. Sparklers are permitted outside only.
  • BBQ’s are allowed on the street or concrete by outside kitchen steps.
  • Preparing of and/or cooking shellfish in the kitchen, including crab, oysters, lobster and shrimp is prohibited. Caterers may prepare and/or cook shellfish off-site and bring in to serve.
  • Renter is solely responsible and agrees to hold harmless Broadway Hall, LLC for any loss or damage to any personal property of renter, guests, invitees, or suppliers of the renter. Please lock the doors as you come and go during setup.
  • All guests must depart by midnight and cleanup complete by 1am. 

Cleaning Policy: Cleanup must be completed immediately following your event, not the next day. The return of your deposit will be determined based on compliance with the following guidelines:

  • Bag ALL garbage (including kitchen and bathroom) and place in dumpster on
    W. Holly Street. Do NOT put any trash in dumpster behind the hall. Glass bottles and cans go in blue recycling can on
    Holly Street.
    No garbage or personal effects are to be left inside the hall.
  • Any spills on the floor, liquid or solid must be wiped up.
  • Stack all chairs neatly back on their racks in respective storage rooms.
  • Put all tables back in respective storage rooms: All large 5’ round tables upstairs, All small 4’ round tables downstairs.
  • Remove ALL decorations and belongings, including leftover food.
    Anything rented from vendors must be returned/picked-up on the same day. Nothing may be left overnight.
  • Caterer or cleaning crew must clean kitchen. Wipe all counters, wipe down oven tops, wipe microwave inside and out, clean refrigerator inside and out (using provided cleaning supplies found in lower kitchen cupboards). Sweep kitchen floor. Take out all trash.
  • Front porch and upstairs balcony must be litter-free of any trash left by your
  • Turn off downstairs fireplace
  • Turn off all interior lights (Exterior lights will always stay on).

Download Rental Agreement

Please sign & return page 4 of the rental agreement along with a check for $400 (refundable damage deposit*) + 50% of venue rental to: Broadway Hall 1301 Broadway Bellingham, WA 98225